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Title [Haida Texts]
Description:Ts. Collection of Haida texts, some of which are cataloged seperately in ANLA:
Thanksgiving Day Program, Nov. 28,1974;
Haida Phonetics, AAA Toronto, Nov. 30,1972
During the time when the people lived at Kasaan...;
Susy James, Yeityadultin;
Kul K'aluudaay;
Louis Kitkoon, 1975;
Raven Who Saved the Sockeye Woman, Jessie Natkong, 1973;
Victor Haldane;
Birth of Raven, Walter Young; Story of the Crane, Alice Kitkoon, 1975;
Society for the Preservation of Haida Language and Literature Inc. 1975, Vesta Johnson, Erma Lawrence, Jack Osteen;
Beaver and Groundhog Were Plas, Jessie Natkong,1973;
Wolf Rock Story, George Hamilton Sr.
Wolf Rock Story, Jessie Natkong;
Haida Lifestyle, James Edenso, 1973;
Devil Fish Story, Helen B. Sanderson, 1973;
Story about the Minister, Louis Kitkoon, 1975;
Story of the Big Rat; Alice Kitkoon, 1975;
Hal xants 'laa kaasgyaan kinang hal uns'adan, Jessie Natkong;
Herbs and Roots for Medicine by Haida People, Robert Cogo, 1973, see also HA973N1973b;
Yeihl 'Anhlenkaagaan, SJ 928.11 Nov. 1972.
4 pp of unknown texts in ms.
Comments These texts date from 1972-1975 and may have been collected by M. Krauss or J. Leer. Some are annotated, some have English translation, some are undated.
Contributors Krauss, Michael E. (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Haida
LingType text
Files: HaidaTexts.pdf

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