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Title [Haida Community news, History, Biographies and Ethnogeography]
Description:Ts. folder of assorted materials including biographies of Pete Azure, A.P. Johnson,Alex Jackson, Esther Littlefield, William Peters, Charles Natkong,.
Indians of the Northwest Coast by Phillip Drucker; Letter to Sunset Magazine by Samuel G. Davis;The Tlingit Indians by Aurel Krause and Erna Gunther; Origin of the Sun, Moon and Stars author unknown; Fight Between the Kaigani and West Coast Haida by John Swanton; Fights Between the Tsimshian and Haida and among the Northern Haida by John Swanton; Last Heritage of Alaska by Polly and Leon Gordon Miller; Haida Legend by Helen B. Sanderson; Haida Myth by Helen B. Sanderson; Haida Myth author unknown; The Queen Charlotte Islands 1774-1966 by Dalzell; Hydaburg Haida Society Newsletter (1973?); City of Hydaburg list of people and occupations 1928-1961 and 1928-1955; The Hydas Assembly Herald June, 1916; Haida (bibliography); The Haida Indians History as Recorded by the Whites; Recollections of People Living in Hydaburg: Patterson Edenshaw, Elsie Rosa Douglas,Helen Sanderson, Louis Kitkoon, Indian Studies, (The Toad Cure); Southeastern Alaska The Assembly Herald, Oct. 1918; Native Alaskan Proverbs, Katharine B. Judson, 1918; History of the Presbyterian Church in the Haida Area of Alaska, 1879-1912; Alaska Natives studying special course with SIL, Tundra Times, July 23, 1975.
Kaigaani Haida Society News, vol.1-3, 1989 ca.4
Comments This is a folder of mixed material, possibly collected by M. Krauss or J. Leer in the 1980's, Date unknown.
Contributors Krauss, Michael E. (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Haida
LingType text-ethnographic
Files: Haida- Community News, History, Ethonography.pdf

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