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Title Place Names: Kaiyuh, Innoko, Kaltag Portage, Tanana
Description:Trapping Patterns in the Vicinity of the Kaiyuh Flats, West Central Alaska: Michelle Robert: Technical paper number 84
f.1 Eliza Jones, Simeon Mountain; Josephine Mountain; Dennis Silas Jr,; Charlie Brush; Trapping Patterns in the Vicinity of the Kaiyuh Flats, West Central Alaska; Preliminary work; 1984
f.2 Charlie Brush, Place names for Kaiyuh Flats; Original and annotated copies; [1980]
[f.3 Eliza Jones, Richard Nelson; Catherine Attla; Huslia place names; 1976] FOLDER MOVED TO KO972J-PN-04.
f.4 Charlie Brush, Place names by Charlie Brush of Nulato; 1984
f.5 Eliza Jones, Innoko place names; Hand drawn map; Jette' place names; Nulato by Charlie Brush; [1980]
f.6 Eliza Jones, Innoko place names; Shageluk; [1980]
f.7 Eliza Jones, Jules Jette'; I. Kaltag Portage: Yukon River drainage area; [1980]
f.8 Eliza Jones, Jules Jette'; I. Kaltag Portage: A. Yukon drainage area 2-7; B. Norton Sound drainage area 8-20; Kadolitno (Unalakleet); Misssing B.85 Amayetlardotono; [1980]
f.9 Eliza Jones, II. The Kayar Region; A. On the Kayar Slough 2-10; B. On the Rotolno proper 11-15; C. On the Midoyten'a 16-19; D. On the Kayar-Nulato Trail; E. On the Kayar-Nikularkakat Trail 29-31; F. On the Kayar-Nuloyit Trail 32; G. The Kayar Mountains 34-40; [1980]
f.10 Eliza Jones; IV. The Koyukuk River 1-17; [1980]
f.11 Eliza Jones, Jules Jette'; Goltsek Dilink Derendoff; Paul Yenokardar; Claude Seliminka; V. The Melorozi River 1-9; [1980]
f.12 Eliza Jones, Jules Jette'; Henry Titus; VI. The Nori River: Nogheetno' (Frog River); A. On the Noritno 2-29; B. On the Tsolatno 30-34; C. On the Tlotolitno 35-36; D. On the Titno 37-41; E. On the Selkorno 42-43; F. On the Sularno 44-48; Kokrine toward Denali; [1980]
f.13 Eliza Jones; Jules Jette'; VI. Novi River; [1980]
f.14 Eliza Jones, Jules Jette'; Eli Charlie; Hudson Nicholi; VII. The Tanana River 1-12; Missing 2. Ketebilno; [1980]
Comments f.1 previously foldered as KO984R1984: Published.
The study examines contemporary (1977-82) trapping activities in the vicinity of Kaiyuh Flats by residents of Nulato, Kaltag, Koyukuk, and Galena. Included are two oversize blueline maps with place names. Title: Trapping Patterns in the Vicinity of the Kaiyuh Flats, West Central Alaska by Michelle Robert; with assistance from Elizabeth Andrews.
Goldmine catalog, Elmer E. Rasmuson Library, University of Alaska Fairbanks
f.4 previously foldered as KO972J1984:Transcript of Eliza Jones interview with Charlie Brush regarding placenames. YKSD tape 5. 1984-06-01
Contributors Brush, Charlie (author)
Jones, Eliza (author)
Mountain, Simeon (author)
Mountain, Josephine (author)
Silas Jr., Dennis (author)
Nelson, Richard K. (author)
Attla, Catherine (author)
Stickman, Bruce (author)
Jetté, Jules (author)
Derendoff, Goltsek Dilink (author)
Yenokardar, Paul (author)
Seliminka, Claude (author)
Titus, Henry (author)
Charlie, Eli (author)
Type Text
Coverage f.1 Kaiyuh Flats -- Nulato, Kaltag, Koyukuk, and Galena
Subject Language(s) Koyukon
LingType ethnographic
place names
Collection Eliza Jones
Files: f.01TrappingPatterns.pdf

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