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Title Place Names: Place Names, Various Place Name Studies
Description:[f.1 Eliza Jones, Koyukuk River place names; Hughes to Bettles; 1987] FOLDER MOVED TO KO972J-PN-04 Folder 10.
f.2 Eliza Jones, Upper Koyukuk place names; Allakaket Area Place names, revised version with updated Orthography. 1991.
f.3 Eliza Jones, Wendy Arundale, Koyukuk River Place Names Project proposal, written by Arundale; 1991.
f.4 Eliza Jones, Cooperative Park Studies Unit; Interview with Henry Williams (ANLC2275) Oct 22, 1982.
f.5 Eliza Jones, Koyukuk River Place Names; Lavene and Susie Williams, May 29, 1991.
f.6 Eliza Jones, Lee Simon; Place Names (ANLC2351).
f.7 Kilbourn George (ANLC2091, ANLC2096, ANLC2088). Includes slip files of Stevens Village Area place names.
[f.8 Eliza Jones, Chief Henry; The Founding of Allakaket; 1982] FOLDER MOVED TO KO972J-TEXT-10 folder 20.
f.9 Eliza Jones, Names of Villages; 1981
f.10 Eliza Jones, Narrative of the Koyukuk River by Lieutenant Allen; 1887
f.11 Eliza Jones, Frederick Whymper; Travel and Adventure in the Territory of Alaska; 1869
f.12 Eliza Jones, Leonard John; Place Names Project; 1985, (ANLC2091, ANLC2092).
f.13 Eliza Jones, Jules Jette's letter to Ralph Mackie, 1926
[f.14 Eliza Jones, IV Place Names fro the Lower Koyukuk River; Jette', Lolnitz, Huntington, Others; [1980] Jette-Jones-Kari.] FOLDER MOVED TO KO972J-PN-07 Folder 10
f.15 Eliza Jones, Place names list and map of the Koyukuk River; Unknown year. Likely from Gonzaga University archive.  pre-Jette. Likely created by Aloyishous Ragaru.
f.16 Eliza Jones, Wendy Arundale (2 letters to gain educational information on Bessie Henry); Doyon Oral History; 1983.
f.17 Eliza Jones, Doyon Historic and Cemetery Sites; 1976
f.18 Eliza Jones, Wendy Arundale, Doyon Historic Sites Project; Tapes 6, (ANLC2248), tape 15 (ANLC2258); Steven and Catherine Attla; 1982.
f.19 Eliza Jones, Madeline Solomon (ANLC2321); Place names, multiple drafts with ms. edits; 8-25-1981.
[f.20 Eliza Jones, Wendy Arundale, Preliminary Report; Map; Doyon Historic Sites Project; Koyukon Area; 1984.] FOLDER MOVED TO KO972JA1983b.
f.21 Jules Jette; Names in the Ketlerono Region/ Dall River, annotated by James Kari. Jette-Jones-Kari.
f.22 Minchumina-Kantishna Placenames; Compiled and annotated by James Kari; 1980's; "Interesting Items from Stephen's Village" by E.L.J., The Alaska Churchman [1910]; The Canyon People's Country Denyee Hut'aane Nene', A map of the ancestral lands of the Koyukon Athabascans of Stevens Village. 2 copies (Donated by James Kari).
Comments f.2 Data compiled by E. Jones for a publication by the National Park Service, project name possibly "Middle Koyukuk River Place Names" 2008 or so. "Middle Koyukuk River of Alaska- an atlas of fishing places and traditional place names." May have been published with incomplete data. More place names may be in these files than in the book.
f.13 Correspondence in Jette' about place names in the Denali area (Tanana River)
f.14 Jette's Lower Koyukuk River Place Names list, also names from Benedict Jones (In Jim Kari's writing). The map has been scanned. Contents collected from Doria Lolnitz and Jennie Huntington
f.16 Doyon Oral History annotated by Eliza Jones. Community profiles of villages.
Contributors Jones, Eliza (author)
Moses, Johnson (author)
Villa, Theresa (author)
Lynch, Alice J. (author)
Williams, Henry (author)
Williams, Lavine (author)
Simon, Lee (author)
Arundale, Wendy (author)
Adams, Jeffrey (author)
George, Kilbourn (author)
Roberts, Dave (author)
Joseph, Lawrence (author)
Alexander, Clarence (author)
Henry, Chief (author)
Allen, Henry T. (author)
Whymper, Frederick (author)
John, Leonard (author)
Jetté, Jules (author)
Andrews, Elizabeth F. (author)
Attla, Catherine (author)
Attla, Steven (author)
Nelson, Edward William (author)
Solomon, Madeline (author)
Axelrod, Melissa (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Koyukon
LingType placenames
Collection Eliza Jones
Files: f.01Huges-Bettles.pdf

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