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Title Grammar: Literacy Lessons, Literacy Courses, General Grammar, Practical Orthology
Description:f.1 Eliza Jones, General Grammar; Mostly handwritten [1970-1980]
f.2 Eliza Jones, Jim Kari; Word categories; Basic grammatical terminology; 1981
f.3 Eliza Jones, Athabaskan Meeting papers; 1979
f.4 Eliza Jones, Nulato Workshop; Language and Curriculum; 1973
f.5 Eliza Jones, Notes by Michael Krauss and Eliza Jones; 1975
f.6 Eliza Jones, Revised Koyukon practical orthography; 1979
f.7 Eliza Jones, Koyukon conversation; Speaking; [1970-1980]
f.8 Eliza Jones, Notes; Handouts for Athabaskan class; Jeff Leer notes on Tlingit; 1978
f.9 Eliza Jones, Koyukon literacy lesson; Vowels; Consonants; [1980]
f.10 Eliza Jones, Literacy Unit 1; [1981]
f.11 Eliza Jones, Class notes; 1982, 1984
f.12 Eliza Jones, Koyukon Class; "76"; 1976
f.13 Eliza Jones, Linguistic class notes; [1970-1980]
f.14 Eliza Jones, Koyukon language course; 1978
f.15 Eliza Jones, Jim Kari; Koyukon locatives; 1980
f.16 Eliza Jones, Jim Kari; Koyukon directionals; 1981
f.17 Eliza Jones,'O classificatory, compact object. One copy annotated by M. Krauss. 1987.
f.18 Eliza Jones, Chad Thompson; Grammatical information including notes by Jones and Thompson, photocopies of writings by Jette'
Comments f.4 previously foldered as KO9721973c: Typescript and ms. 14 pp.
f.5 previously foldered as KO972JKr1975: (1) Ms. notes by Jones and Krauss at ANLC, 1975-6, 69 pp. (2) Ms. notes by Jones and materials from seminar in Athabaskan linguistics directed by Krauss, 1976, 33 pp. 69 + 33 pp.
f.15 previously foldered as KO973JK1980
Contributors Jones, Eliza (author)
Kari, James (author)
Thompson, Chad L. (author)
Ackroyd, Lynda (author)
Rice, Keren (author)
Leer, Jeff (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Koyukon
LingType educational
Collection Eliza Jones

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