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Title Grammar:Class Notes, Derivational Prefix Strings, Apect, Transitivity Typology for Athabaskan Language
f.1 Jim Kari, Transitivity Typology for an Athabaskan Language; 1981
f.2 Jim Kari, Eliza Jones; Theme category and aspect in Koyukon; 1979
f.3 Eliza Jones, Aspect and Superaspect in Koyukon: Derivations of the Theme 'chop O'; 1980
f.4 Eliza Jones, Aspectual stem variation in Koyukon; 1979
f.5 Eliza Jones, Derivational prefox strings; 1982-1984
f.6 Eliza Jones, Chapin, J.J.; No date
f.7 Eliza Jones, Class notes; Things; 1974-1980
f.1 previously foldered as KO977K1981: Originals and copies.
"A Transitivity Typology for an Athabaskan Language"
Paper delivered at the Conference on the Syntax of Native American Languages, Calgary, March 6-8, 1981.  Also includes handouts used in the talk and notes used in the preparation.
f.2 previously foldered as KO977K1976
f.3 previously foldered as KO972J1980
f.4 previously foldered as KO972J1979c:Typescript. Account of motion theme category and its aspectual and superaspectual derivational potential, with exemplification and stem sets. Also, abstract prepared 1978, 1 p.Paper presented at XLIII Int. Congr. of Americanists, Vancouver, August 11-15, 1979. 11 pp.
Contributors Kari, James (author)
Jones, Eliza (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Koyukon
LingType grammatical
Collection Eliza Jones

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