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Title Curriculum: Eliza Jones' Instructed Classes; Syllabus and Course Work; UAF
Description:f.1 Eliza Jones, Beginning Athabaskan-Koyukon; ANL 142; 1988, 1993
f.2 Eliza Jones, Intermediate Athabaskan- Koyukon; ANL 242; 1980's
f.3 Eliza Jones, ANL 191; 1981
f.4 Eliza Jones, Conversational Koyukon; ANL 193; 1980, 1981
f.5 Eliza Jones, Beginning Athabaskan- Koyukon; ANL 141; 1982, 1983, 1985-1989, 1992
f.6 Eliza Jones, Koyukon 293; 1977,1978, 1981
f.7 Eliza Jones, ANL 493-01- Koyukon; [1980's]
f.8 Eliza Jones, Intermediate Athabaskan-Koyukon; ANL 241; 1981, 1985-1988, 1996
f.9 Eliza Jones, Materials from University of Alaska Koyukon class; 1973-74
f.10 Eliza Jones and Francis Randall, Class handouts; Noun entries; 1976,1977
f.11 Eliza Jones, Knowledge of Native Elders; ANS 401; 1986-1988
f.12 Eliza Jones, Notes on instruction of verb, objects, color, actions classification; [1970-1980]
f.13 Eliza Jones, Koyukon Language Test for children; 1977
Comments f.9 previously foldered as KO972J1973e: Typescript, ditto, and ms. Ca. 200 pp.
f.13 previously foldered as KO972J1977e:Koyukon language proficiency test; Ms. and typescript. Written for use in bilingual policy development, to determine language knowledge of schoolchildren. 12 pp.
Contributors Jones, Eliza (author)
Randall, Frances (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Koyukon
LingType educational
Collection Eliza Jones

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