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Title Curriculum: Published Teaching Material, Lessons, Other
Description:f.1 Eliza Jones, Teaching materials in Koyukon Athabascan at the Secondary Level; 1974
f.2 Eliza Jones, Language Teaching Material; Curriculum; 1970's
f.3 Eliza Jones, Miscellaneous Educational: Literacy exercises, Drills, Tests; 1974-1975
f.4 Eliza Jones, Language Testing Material; 1976
f.5 Eliza Jones, The Body and How to Take Care of it; 1975
f.6 Eliza Jones, Unit 1; Koyukon Vocabulary; [1980]
f.7 Eliza Jones, Lessons; Teacher Guide; 1980's
f.8 Eliza Jones, Dinaakk'a for Children; Games; [1970's]
f.9 Eliza Jones, Microfiche'; 1989-1994
f.10 Eliza Jones, Chad Thomson; Koyukon Sounds; 1976-1977
f.11 Eliza Jones, Koyukon self instruction; Literacy session; 1975
f.12 Eliza Jones, Conversation; Dictation Exercise; 1974
f.13 Eliza Jones, Silver Spur dialogues; 1974
f.14 Eliza Jones, Blank Saanh Kuno for Class rewrites
f.15 Eliza Jones, Blank Delk'ehoo Nonaat'uh for Class rewrites
Comments f.1 previously foldered as KO972J1974a: Typescript dated June 1974.  Materials for class, high school, developed and taught by Jones. Includes sentence drills, paradigms, cultural materials. 90 pp.
f.3 previously foldered as KO972J1974e: Typescript and a little ms.  Mostly materials from ASOSS workshops developed by Jones and David Henry: literacy exercises, drills, tests. 44 pp.
f.4 previously foldered as KO972J1976b: Typescript dated 10/14/76. Translation into Koyukon of questions to determine oral language dominance in young children. 7 pp.
f.5 previously foldered as KO972J1975g: Ms. Elementary health reader, translated from English (included) by unidentified writer. Never published. 28 pp.
f.11 previously foldered as KO972J1975c: Typescript. Written for course sponsored by Tanana Chiefs Land Claims College. 19 pp.
Contributors Jones, Eliza (author)
Henry, David C. (author)
Moore, Agnes (author)
Attla, Catherine (author)
Thompson, Chad L. (author)
Kari, James (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Koyukon
LingType educational
Collection Eliza Jones

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