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Title Texts: Catherine Attla
Description:f.1 Catherine Attla, Michio Hoshino; Discussion of traditional ways of life; 1970-1980
f.2 Catherine Attla, Eliza Jones; Story drafts; Wind Man; Ggaadoogga Yo T'e K'egheetlaadle; The Man Who Came to the Family with Three Daughters; Woodpecker who Starved his Wife; Willow Grouse; 1978
f.3 Eliza Jones; Correspondence about Catherine Attla; 1976
f.4 Catherine Attla, Unpublished stories; Possible draft of First Potlatch; Once Grandpa Raven Saved Two People; Great Raven and His Nephew Mink Started to Make a Memorial Potlatch
f.5 Catherine Attla; Dictionary Project; Transcription by Eliza Jones; 1981
f.6 Catherine Attla, Stories of Power and Compassion; Raven Stories; Stories about death etc.; Bibliography; 1970-1980
f.7 Catherine Attla, Spirit of the Wind: Alaska Native Oral Literature; [1980]
f.8 Catherine Attla, Jim Kari field notes; Scanned notebook; 1996
Comments f.2 previously foldered as KO972JA1978. Listed in ANLA online database as "32 texts recorded by Attla and transcribed by Jones.  Six texts, ms. only, 198 pp.; three texts, ms. draft and typed copy, 27 + 12 pp.; 23 texts, typed directly from tape, 200 pp.  Koyukon only.  Mostly traditional stories with some autobiographical and historical material."
f.4 previously foldered as KO973J1982
f.8 previously foldered as KO977K1996. Photocopies.
Documents work done with Catherine Attla on 11/15/96.
Contributors Attla, Catherine (author)
Jones, Eliza (author)
Nelson, Richard K. (author)
Daloyan, Virginia (author)
Kari, James (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Koyukon
LingType lexicon
Collection Eliza Jones

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