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Title Texts: Koyukon Songs
f.1 Sebastian McGinty, "Eagle Island Blues"; Journal of Alaska Native Arts article on "Eagle Island Blues"; Tom Patsy's "Eagle Island Blues"
f.2 Memorial songs for Jimmy and Dolly Beetus by Mary Vent, Joe Beetus, Ester McCarty; Transcribed by Eliza Jones; 1982
f.3 Miscellaneous songs; Sheet music and lyrics; Songs by Edwin Simon, Tony Scott Pierce, Velma Shaffer, Marjorie Attla
f.4 T.S. Pierce, Song transcription; 1987
f.5 Mary Vent, Miscellaneous songs; Memorial song for Dolly Simon, Welcoming song, misc.; 1980's
f.6 Eliza Jones, Notes on songs and stories; 1980's
f.1 Transcription of "Eagle Island Blues"; Tatiana Saunders of Nulato commented on Eliza Jones' transcription.
Contributors Jones, Eliza (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Koyukon
Collection Eliza Jones

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