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Title Texts: Abbie Joseph; Kantishna Oral History Project
Description:f.1 Kantishna Oral History Project; Phase II, Part 1
f.2 Kantishna Oral History Project; Notes by Jim Kari and Dianne Gudgel-Holmes; [1980's]
f.3 Dianne Gudgel-Holmes, Correspondence; Finding Aid; 1982, 1984
f.4 Abbie Joseph, Tape 14 notes; Hand drawn map; [1980's]
f.5 [no folder]
f.6 Abbie Joseph, Notes; Hand drawn map; [1980's]
f.7 Dianne Gudgel-Holmes, Notes and correspondence; Proposals; 1975, 1983
f.8 Abbie Joseph, Stories; 1982
f.9 Abbie Joseph, Dall Sheep: A Conversation; 1982
f.10 Abbie Joseph, Correspondence; [1980's]
f.11 Abbie Joseph, Correspondence; Eliza Jones and Bill Schneider; 1982
f.12 Abbie Joseph, Dianne Gudgel-Holmes; Grant Proposals; [1980's]
f.13 Abbie Joseph, Interview; 1984
f.14 Abbie Joseph, Elicited word list from Michael Krauss; [1970-1980]
f.15 Abbie Joseph, Map; [1970-1980]
f.16 Abbie Joseph, Translation of tape date 6-4-82; Transcribed by Eliza Jones
Comments Box 1 of 3; Abbie Joseph
f.1 previously foldered as KO982G1988. Transcriptions of interviews in English with elders as part of the Kantishna Oral History Project. Prepared for National Park Service. Archive copy is is marked with tabs indicating references to Koyukon placenames.
Folder 14: Michael Krauss asked Eliza Jones to elicit these words from Abbie Joseph in Anchorage (at the time) Abbie could barely hear, Eliza had to holler at her. Folder 15: Dianne Gudgel-Holmes interviewed Abbie Joseph and asked her to draw a map.
For audio of the Kantishna Oral History Project see Oral History Collection H87-80-01 through H87-80-14, Oral History Collection. Copies housed in ANLA.
Contributors Joseph, Abbie (author)
Krauss, Michael E. (consultant)
Schneider, Bill (consultant)
Kari, James (consultant)
Gudgel-Holmes, Dianne (editor)
Jones, Eliza (Linguist )
Matthews, Marty (translator)
Axelrod, Melissa (translator)
Type Text
Restrictions Access to English transcriptions and translations restricted. Koyukon can be made available upon request. Contact ANLA staff for more information.
Subject Language(s) Koyukon
Collection Eliza Jones

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