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Title Tanana, Stevens Village: Texts
f.1 Florence Knox, Rampart tape index for BIA Historic Sites Interviews; 1989
f.2 Shari Sirkin, Language Plan for Tanana (Hypothetical); 1986
f.3 Blind Joe, Tales from Tanana; Analysis by Frederica de Laguna; 1935
f.4 Effie Kokrine, Photos; Native language teaching certificates; Alaska State Senate Bill; 1988
f.5 Lee Edwin, Stories; 1973
f.6 Florence Albert, TCC Meeting 1915 paper; 1985
f.7 Tatiana Sounders, Unpublished stories; Speech; 1980, 1989
f.8 Jimmy Albert, Ch'ititaalkkaanee Bitahuh; Unpublished; 1985
f.9 Mary Dick, Upper Koyukon Alaska Native Cookbook; Vocabulary; BIA Historic Sites interview; 1980, 1986
f.10 Joe John, Stories: Teekkona; Wolves; My Grandmother; [1980's]
f.11 Josephine Roberts, Stories; 1986
f.12 David Elia, Stories; BIA Historic Sites Project; 1986
f.13 Irene Noyes, BIA Historic Sites Interview; 1986
f.14 Agnes Moore, Prayer; Writings of Tanana; [1970-1980]
Stevens Village:
f.15 Archie Moses, "First Moose ever Seen"; "Man with Six Arrows Killed a Brown Bear"; Tape no. 198 Oral History tape collection; 1985
Contributors Moses, Archie (author)
Jones, Eliza (author)
Moore, Agnes (author)
Noyes, Irene (author)
Elia, David (author)
Roberts, Josephine (author)
John, Joe (author)
Dick, Mary (author)
Albert, Jimmy (author)
Saunders, Tatiana (author)
Albert, Florence (author)
Edwin, Lee (author)
Osteen, Jack (author)
Kokrine, Effie (author)
Blind, Joe (author)
John, Joe (author)
de Laguna, Frederica (author)
Sirkin, Shari (author)
Knox, Florence (author)
Type Text
Coverage Tanana, Stevens Village
Subject Language(s) Koyukon
Collection Eliza Jones

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