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Title Huslia: Huslia Texts
Description:f.1 Chief Henry, Unpublished stories; [1970's]
f.2 Chief Henry, Alaakkaakk'a; 1982
f.3 Chief Henry, Interview Notes; 1973
f.4 Chief Henry, BIA Tapes description; 1989
f.5 Chief Henry, Story outlines; 1967, 1973
f.6 Chief Henry, Speech by Eliza Jones about Chief Henry; 1976
f.7 Chief Henry, K'ititaalkkannee/People in World Beginning Life; 1973
f.8 Chief Henry, Correspondence letters; 1976
f.9 Chief Henry, "Chief Henry: The Stories of Chief Henry Told"; Chapters 1-4; Published 1979
f.10 Chief Henry, Chief Henry book; "The Stories Chief Henry Told"
f.11 Chief Henry, "The Stories Chief Henry Told" drafts; Chapter 1; English and Koyukon; [1970s]
f.12 Chief Henry, Shorter texts from Chief Henry; 165 pp.
Comments f.10 previously foldered as KO972JHn1979
f.12 previously foldered as KO972JHn1975d; (1) Kaazin (Lynx) with English, 14 pp. ms., 9 pp. typed.  (2) Nin K_u-nu aldoyee (Going to another world) with English, 10 pp. ms., 5 pp. typed.  (3) Two Men (?), last part missing, 35 pp. ms.  (4) Aldlee Eeh_una (The starving family), 1976, 31 pp. ms., 12 pp. typed.  (5) Noh_ baaya, Koyukon only, 1976, 7 pp. ms.  (6) Miscellaneous untitled short texts and notes, 33 pp. ms.  (7) Speech, 1976, with English translation, 7 pp. ms., 3 pp. typed.
Contributors Henry, Chief (author)
Carlo, Poldine (author)
Jones, Eliza (author)
Type Text
Coverage Huslia, Alaska
Subject Language(s) Koyukon
LingType ethnographic
Collection Eliza Jones

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