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Title Huslia: Huslia Texts, Drafts of Sitsiy Yogh Noholnik Ts'in'
Description:Drafts of Sitsiy Yogh Noholnik Ts'in'/As My Grandfather Told It"
f.1 Richard Nelson, Forward for "As My Grandfather Told It"; 1983
f.2 Catherine Attla, Sitsiy Yogh Noholnik Ts'in' drafts; 1983
f.3 Catherine Attla, Sitsiy Yogh Noholnik Ts'in' handwritten drafts; 1983
f.4 Catherine Attla, Sitsiy Yogh Noholnik Ts'in' draft; 1983
f.5 Catherine Attla, Chapter 1; Keeysoolinh draft; 1983
f.6 Catherine Attla, Chapter 2; Tsongguda/Willow Grouse draft; 1983
f.7 Catherine Attla, Chapter 3; K'ikaal Yee Nogheelt'uyhdlee draft; 1983
f.8 Catherine Attla, Chapter 4; Tobaan Atsah draft; 1983
f.9 Catherine Attla, Chapter 5; Kaazina/Lynx draft; 1983
f.10 Catherine Attla, Chapter 6; So Nogheelzooga/The One Who Took Back the Sun draft; 1983
f.11 Catherine Attla, Chapter 7; Ditsoo Tleeltlin Akkaak'idinolkkuyhdlee/The One Who Kicked His Grandmother's Head Along draft; 1983
f.12 Catherine Attla, Chapter 8; Dotson' Sa Ninin'atltseen/Great Raven Who Shaped the World draft; 1983
f.13 Catherine Attla, Chapter 9; Bil'aa Yiyil Todikinhdagheetonee/The One Whose Uncle Put Him in the Water in a Log draft; 1983
f.14 Catherine Attla, Chapter 10; Diluyhtl Ghaggastl; She's Dragging her Bag draft; 1983
f.15 Catherine Attla, Chapter 11; K'its'alohul'aan Laatlghaanee/The Ones Who Killed the Cannibal draft; 1983
f.16 Catherine Attla, Chapter 12; Adiyee Hughlkinh Dagheenee'ee/The Ones Who Used to Say "Adiyee Hughlkinh"
Contributors Attla, Catherine (author)
Nelson, Richard K. (author)
Jones, Eliza (author)
Type Text
Coverage Huslia, Alaska
Subject Language(s) Koyukon
Collection Eliza Jones

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