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Title Nulato: Texts from Nulato and Kaltag
f.1 Martha Brush; 1984 Tape 7
f.2 Martha Brush, The Autobiography of Martha Brush; Chapters 1-9; 1985
f.3 Stories by Romeo and Edna Stickman, Fred Stickman, Dorothy Sommer 
f.4 Dialogue from Nulato Bilingual Class; 1975
f.5 Mary Tall Mountain, also known as Mary Randle; Copies of published copyrighted; Poetry books: Matrilineal Cycle, There Is No Word for Goodbye, and copies of other poems. Eliza Jones contributed Koyukon words. The UAF Rasmuson Library has a collection of Mary Tall Mountain works.
f.6 Huloyh, Olivia Esmailka (Fred Stickman) transcription only; No translation.
f.7 Josephine Mountain; 1980
f.8 Pauline Stickman, Animals; Food; Do You Catch Rabbits?; 1980
f.9 Mary Ann Polasky or Mary Ann Ambrose; 1978
f.10 Pauline Stickman, The Lynx and the Two Caribou; 1980
f.11 Fabian George, Crow Story, translated by Poldine Carlo; Undated
f.12 ANS 401 Knowledge of Native Elders; Tatiana Saunders 1989
f.13 Lists of stories on tapes from Doyon Historical Sites Interviews, BIA ANCSA 14 H 1 by Tassie (Tatiana) Saunders. See also: Florence Knox (Rampart), Charlie Brush, Martha Brush, Virginia Allen (Ruby), Phillie Albert Sr. (Ruby)
f.14 Martha Brush, [Tape Index for BIA Historic Sites Interviews see also f.13/KO972J1989]
f.15 Martha Joe, Stories; [1970-1980]
f.16  Raven Flew to Get the Light, by Ottie Semaken of Kalag; Recorded by David Henry; 1984
f.17 Charlie Brush and Tassie Sanders: Nulato; Lee Edwin: Tanana; Listened for tone; 1978
f.18 Edgar Kalland, "An Alaskan of a Superior Fabric"; 1984
f.19 Andrew Keniyo, When Raven took the Sun Back.
Comments f.4 originally foldered as KO972J1975f
f.13 originally foldered as KO972J1989.Eleven handwritten tape logs for tapes recorded as part of the Doyon historic sites investigation. Tapes are not identified by number. Log lists speaker name and location and names of stories (in English). 11 pp.
Contributors Brush, Martha (author)
Jones, Eliza (author)
Stickman, Fred (author)
Stickman, Edna (author)
Stickman, Romeo (author)
Tallmountain, Mary (author)
Esmailka, Olivia (author)
Mountain, Josephine (author)
Stickman, Paulina (author)
Polasky, Mary Ann (author)
George, Fabian (author)
Saunders, Tatiana (author)
Keniyo, Andrew (author)
Semaken, Ottie G. (author)
Joe, Martha (author)
Kalland, Edgar (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Koyukon
Collection Eliza Jones
Files: KO972J-TEXT-02-f01.pdf

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