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Title Indigenous Peoples and Languages of Alaska
Description:Revised version of Krauss' 1974 (1982) Native Peoples and Languages of Alaska map. Map boundaries digitized and stored in GIS. Includes approximately 270 Native place names. Language boundaries can be downloaded as an ESRI shapefile ( Both language boundaries and place names (including language status information from 1974, 1982 , 1995) can be downloaded as an ESRI file geodatabase (IPLA.gdb). ESRI shapefile with place name ( is also available, but fonts may not display correctly due to limitations of the file format.  Updated 2012-04-06. IPLA_names updated 2013-07-17
Comments More information about this map can be found at
Citation Krauss, Michael, Gary Holton, Jim Kerr, and Colin T. West. 2011. Indigenous Peoples and Languages of Alaska. Fairbanks and Anchorage: Alaska Native Language Center and UAA Institute of Social and Economic Research.
Contributors Krauss, Michael E. (author)
Holton, Gary (author)
Kerr, Jim (author)
West, Colin T. (author)
Type Dataset
Coverage Alaska
LingType comparative
Related resource: G961K1974b

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