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Title Yazyki i Narechiya [Languages and Dialects].
Description:Ms. notebook, 14 double pages, Perm District State Archives, Fond 445, opis I, delo 47. Mf., Shur Collection, University of Alaska Archives. Seven parallel columns: Russian, Tlingit (195 items, attributed to Khromchenko in Khlebnikov 1830), Fox Island Aleut (207 items, Khlebnikov), Kodiak (203 items (Khromchenko), Kuskokwim (39 items, Khlebnikov?), Norton Sound (200 items, attributed to Khromchenko in Khlebnikov 1830), Bering Strait Inupiaq (23 items, Khlebnikov?), and Sandwich Islands (190 items, different hand), no discussion. Accompanied by copy of Panner 1810, 5 pp., and 1 p. Greenlandic and Canadian.
Contributors Khlebnikov, Kirill Timofeevich (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) General
LingType lexicon
Collection General

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