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Title Kalifornsky and McNamara
The folder contains several examples of the collaboration between Peter Kalifornsky and Katherine McNamara.
1.  "Sukdu beq' quht'ana ch'ulani : The Stories are for us to Learn Something From."  A talk with Peter Kalifornsky, for the "Alaska Quarterly Review" December 1985.
2.  Four Stories, for the "Alaska Quarterly Review" December 1985.
   a. Mouse Story -- K'ela Sukdu
   b. Gambling Story -- Ch'enlahi Sukdu
   c. Crow and the One-Side-Human -- Gugguyni Ch'u Q'ezh'en Quh'tana
   d. The Old Dena'ina Beliefs -- Dena'ina K'ech Qulyuch
3.  Crow Story
Contributors Kalifornsky, Peter (author)
Date1985, 1986
Subject Language(s) Dena'ina
LingType ethnographic

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