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Title Dena'ina Stories -- published
Description:Newspaper clippings.
Peter Kalifornsky is a Denaina writer from Kenai.  Katherine McNamara is a poet living in Fairbanks.  In 1985, the two began working together on a book of Kalifornsky's stories to be called "from the First Beginning when the Animals were Talking."  The work is a collaboration.  Kalifornsky has written more than 75 stories, narratives and songs.  He works with McNamara in English, giving word-for-word translations from his language and explaining the meanings behind the stories.  McNamara is then responsible for the finished English versions of the stories [from the article].
The two stories included here are:
Mouse story -- K'ela Sukdu
Three Men is Search of Truth -- Tuq'ina Lach'q'u Niltu
Citation Heartland magazine IN: Fairbanks daily news-miner 1987, (August 16, 1987) pp. H-12-H-13.
Contributors Kalifornsky, Peter (author)
DateAugust 16, 1987
Subject Language(s) Dena'ina
LingType text-traditional

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