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Title Mendees Cheeg Naltsiin Keey' (An Oral History of the People of Healy Lake Village)
Description:Bound photocopy, revised edition.
Linguistic information consists of a "Guide to the Healy Lake Writing System", by Gary Holton, and Athabaskan personal and place names and phrases in passim.
Comments See also:  TC001CM2001
Summarized from the afterword:
The book was first published in 2000.  The original report had been reprinted three times and in response to requests for copies, it was reprinted with a few revisions, corrections and minor additions, including an annotated bibliography of suggested readings.
Citation Mendees Cheeg Naltsiin Keey', An Oral History of the People of Healy Lake Village, by Annotated and edited by Donald G. Callaway and Constance A. Friend.  Revised June 2007
DateJune 2007
Coverage From the afterword: in addition to Healy Lake, the communities in the Upper Tanana region consist of Tetlin, Tanacross, Dot Lake and Northway.
LingType biographical

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