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Title Reslience in Arctic Societies -- Papers from the Third IPSSAS Seminar.
Includes articles on languages:
The Persistence of Place Names and Language Revitalization, Christine Schreyer;
Marking of Time in Kallaalisut, the Greenlandic Language, F. (Naja) B. Trondhjem;
Language and Identities in Transition:  A Study of Central Siberian Yupik Eskimos in Chukotka and on St. Lawrence Island, Alaska, Daria Morgounova;
The Future of Eskimo-Aleut Languages: Language Status Planning Bottom-up in Alaska, Maria Hilden;
In What Sense Can Nunavimmiutitut Justifiably be Described as Ergative?, Marc-Antoine Mahieu;
Resilience and Language, Michelle Daveluy;
There are other articles that touch on language in a general fashion.
Citation Papers from the International Ph.D. School for Studies of Arctic Societies [IPSSAS] Conference held in Fairbanks, Alaska, May 23 to June 3, 2005.
Edited by Lawrence Kaplan and Michelle Daveluy.
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