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Title [Eyak Papers by Leer]
Description:Circa 25 pages. 
(1) "Internal Variation in the Tlingit Lexicon", 8/85, student paper.  (2) "Directional Systems in Athapaskan and Na-Dene".  (3) "Evidence for a Northern Northwest Coast Language Area: Promiscuous Number Marking and Perphrastic Possessive Constructions in Haida, Eyak, and Aleut".
Citation (1)  Paper written for Alaska Native Linguistics class, with Michael E. Krauss;  (2) Athapaskan Linguistics: Current Perspectives on a Language Family, edited by Eung-Do Cook and Keren D. Rice.  Mouton de Gruyter : Berlin, New York, 1989;  (3) International Journal of American Linguistics [IJAL] vol. 57, no. 2, April 1991, pp. 158-193.
Contributors Leer, Jeff (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Comparative Athabaskan
LingType description
Files: Leer-DirectionalSystems.pdf

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