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Title [Eyak Morpheme List]
Description:Ms. Concise listing of all Eyak morphemes to 1970, with minimal necessary affixes for determining meaning, basic themes, variants, word-class and noun-class identifications, to be prepared for publication.
Comments 1976-1996
3 Folders:
Folder 1: Handwritten notes; several copies of published article:  "Eyak: A Preliminary Report" [1975]
Folder 2: Circa 75 pages.  Manuscript, May 1981.  This is a fairly complete list of Eyak morphemes (stems and affixes) with the exception of those definitely of foreign origin (Tlingit, Chugach, Athabascan, Russian, English).  The list is meant mainly for comparative purposes, not as a summary or abridgment  for the documentation of Eyak or as a theme list.
Folder 3: Circa 75 pages.  Computer printout; folder includes "Table of Keystroke Mapping for AET Database" (1996).
Folder 3: "Do Not Remove from ANLC" on folder.
Contributors Krauss, Michael E. (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Eyak
LingType description
Files: EY961K1976_draft.pdf

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