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Title ЛОКАЛЬНАЯ СТРУКТУРА ДИСКУРСА В ВЕРХНЕКУСКОКВИМСКОМ АТАБАСКСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ (Local Structure of Discourse in Upper Kuskokwim Athabaskan Languages)
Draft monograph on discourse structure based on an analysis of several recorded texts. In Russian. 56 pp. Also, powerpoint slides in English from a presentation of the paper given at the summer meeting of the Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas, July 2009, Berkeley, California.
Compiled as part of the National Science Foundation IPY project Documenting Alaskan and Neighboring Languages (0732787), Michael E. Krauss, principal investigator.
Draft. Please contact author for citation information.
Contributors Kibrik, Andrej A. (author)
Type Text
Format application/pdf
Subject Language(s) Upper Kuskokwim
LingType discourse
Collection IPY
Files: UK997K2009a_paper.pdf

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