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Title: Gwich'in Ch'anjaa Haa (Gwich'in Elders)
Contributors: Alexander, Edward (depositor) Gilbert, Trimble (speaker) Stevens, Bill (performer) Tritt, William (producer) Frank, Kenneth (speaker) Francis, Simon (speaker) Alexander, Clarence (speaker)
Subject Language: Gwich'in;
Title: Gwich'in Storybooks Read Aloud
Contributors: Alexander, Edward (author)
Subject Language: Gwich'in;
Title: Dinjii Zhuh K'yaa Shats'a' Ginkhii (Gwich'in Coversations 1-3)
Contributors: Alexander, Edward (depositor) Garnett, Lillian (participant) Williams, Paul Jr. (participant)
Subject Language: Gwich'in;
Title: Teedriinjik, K'iidootinjik, Ch'idriinjik, Draanjik Rivers
Contributors: Alexander, Edward (author) Holton, Gary (author) Matesi, Joe (author) O'Donnell, Matthew (author)
Subject Language: Gwich'in;

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