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Title: Kupaaq.
Contributors: Akootchook, Myrtle (author) Akpik, May (author) Bodfish, Emma (author) Kaplan, Lawrence D. (author)
Subject Language: Inupiaq;
Title: Tiŋmiaŋich Nunapta. (Birds of Our Land.)
Contributors: Akootchook, Myrtle (author) Kaveolook, Harold (author)
Subject Language: Inupiaq;
Title: Taġiupta Niġrutiŋich. (Animals of Our Ocean.)
Contributors: Akootchook, Myrtle (author) Akpik, May (author) Kaveolook, Harold (author)
Subject Language: Inupiaq;
Title: Sumiń Imiqaġuutilaaqput. (Where Do We Get Our Water?)
Contributors: Aiken, Martha N. (author) Akootchook, Myrtle (author) Baumgartner, David (author) Bodfish, Emma (author) Kaveolook, Harold (author) MacLean, Eileen Panigeo (author)
Subject Language: Inupiaq;
Title: Annuġaavut Paŋmapak. (Clothes That We Wear Now.)
Contributors: Akootchook, Myrtle (author) Bodfish, Emma (author) Kaveolook, Harold (author) Leavitt, Mildred (author)
Subject Language: Inupiaq;
Title: Sunauna? (What Is It?)
Contributors: Akootchook, Myrtle (illustrator)
Subject Language: Inupiaq;
Title: Sugnamugniaqpik? (Which Way Do I Go?)
Contributors: Akootchook, Myrtle (author) Baumgartner, Carol (author) Baumgartner, David (author)
Subject Language: Inupiaq;
Title: Aŋun Aŋuniaqtuaq Taġiumi. (A Man Goes Hunting to the Ocean.)
Contributors: Akootchook, Myrtle (author) Leavitt, Mildred (author)
Subject Language: Inupiaq;

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