Archive Statistics

The following statistics are drawn from our current online catalog and so may not represent a complete picture of the archive holdings. Currently the catalog contains 14940 items, or perhaps 75% of the total resources. In addition, the catalog still contains many omissions. That is, in many cases not all contributors are listed for a given resource. This is particularly true for audio resources. Bear in mind also that many resources are associated with multiple languages and thus may be counted multiple times in the tables below. Another issue affecting these statistics is granularity. Some contributors' resources have been cataloged at the box rather than folder level, resulting in less granularity and hence the appearance of "fewer" resources in these tables.

Resources by language

Top 20 languages.

Inupiaq  1481
Yup'ik, Central Alaskan  1420
Tlingit  1295
Unangan  1263
Gwich'in  1097
Koyukon  904
Dena'ina  848
Comparative Athabaskan  823
Alutiiq (Sugpiaq)  716
Siberian Yupik  695
Comparative Eskimo-Aleut  648
Haida  490
Tanana (Lower)  443
Ahtna  430
Tsimshian  411
Upper Tanana  303
Eyak  297
Deg Xinag  265
Tanacross  255
Upper Kuskokwim  188

Resources by contributor

Top 20 contributors.

Kari, James  952
Leer, Jeff  879
Krauss, Michael E.  685
Jones, Eliza  321
Bergsland, Knut  304
Peter, Katherine  264
Jacobson, Steven A.  172
Reed, E. Irene  166
Nyman, Elizabeth  165
Kaplan, Lawrence D.  158
MacLean, Edna Ahgeak  135
Lovick, Olga  122
Menovshchikov, Georgiy Alekseevich  116
Tuttle, Siri G.  106
Thompson, Chad L.  100
Vakhtin, Nikolai Borisovich  97
Ritter, John T.  94
Dirks, Moses  94
Pete, Shem  86
Mishler, Craig  81
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