Alaska Native Language Archive


The Alaska Native Language Archive is a division of the UAF College of Liberal Arts, which provides core funding for administrative support and 50% funding for the archive director position. Additional work is made possible through the generous support of both on-campus and off-campus granting organizations.

Funding History

  • 2010: Digital Infrastructure for Alaskan and Neighboring Languages
    NSF (PI Gary Holton)
    Digitization of print documents
  • 2009: Alaska Native Language and Oral History Digital Audio Resources
    NSF (PI Gary Holton)
    Digitization of audio colleciton
  • 2005: Developing a Northern Indigenous Language Archive
    NSF (PI Gary Holton)
  • 2005: ARSC Summer Research Challenge
    NSF (PI Greg Newby)
    Support development of Open Language Archives Community data repository
  • 2003: Dena'ina Archiving, Access and Training (NSF)
    NSF (Co-PI Gary Holton)
    Develop web portal for Dena'ina language materials
  • 2002: Preservation and Cataloging of the Archive of ANLC
    NEH (PI Anna Berge)
    Catalog and refolder print materials
  • 2001: Electronic Archives Index
    UA President's Fund (PI Gary Holton)
  • 1999: Re-organization of the archive: Gwich'in
    UA President's Fund (PI Giulia Oliverio)
  • 1998: Bibliographic Catalog Update
    UA President's Fund (PI Giulia Oliverio)
  • 1976: Catalog of Indian Languages
    NEH (PI Michael Krauss)
    Cataloging of Indian Languages, resulting in published paper catalog (Krauss & McGary 1980)