Individual Research Projects

There are three individual projects (IP's) affiliated with the Alor-Pantar Collaborative Research Project (CRP). Each IP is funded by a relevant national funding organization while collaborating under the umbrella of the European Science Foundation EuroCORES scheme.

  Project Name Institution Researchers Sponsor 
IP1  Extended Documentation  Leiden University  Marian Klamer
Antoinette Schapper  
Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research  
IP2  Linguistic Prehistory  University of Alaska  Gary Holton
Laura Robinson  
US National Science Foundation  
IP3  Word Class Typology  University of Surrey  Greville Corbett
Dunstan Brown
Sebastian Fedden  
UK Arts & Humanities Council  

Left to right: Grev Corbett, Laura Robinson, Sebastian Fedden, Gary Holton, Marian Klamer, Dustan Brown. February 2011 CRP Meeting.
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