Field Work


Dr. Laura Robinson conducted field work April-May 2011, focusing on the collection of wordlists and elicitation tasks for Blagar, Retta, Adang, and Teiwa.


Laura Robinson working with Teiwa speakers in Lebang

Project members Antoinette Schapper and Laura Robinson each conducted four months of field work in Alor and Pantar during 2010. Dr. Schapper's work focused on the Kamang and Abui languages, while Dr. Robinson focused on the Teiwa and Adang languages.

Robinson was also joined by research assistants Amanda Hamilton (Ph.D. candidate, U Hawaii) and Elena Injieva (Ph.D., U Hawaii).

Mahalalel Lamma Koly and Maleakhi Tung Pas

Gary Holton conducted six weeks of field work on Pantar during 2010, focusing primarily on the Western Pantar language. This work was hampered by severe case of cerebral malaria (Plasmodium falciparum). Holton's primary collaborator during this time was Mr. Mahalalel Lamma Koly of Puntaru.

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