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Tribal Safety Plans

A Tribal Safety Plan can be used to identify and priortize safety needs for tribal communities. The Tribal Safety Plan will use the 4Es of safety  identified in the Strategic Highway Safeaty Plan for Indian Lands.  The 4Es are: Education; Enforcement; Emergency Services; and Engineering.
Tribal Safety Plans:

Developing Safety Plans - A Manual fo Local Road Owners

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The purpose of this document is to guide local rural road practitioners in developing a Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP). The expected result of a successful LRSP is to save lives and prevent injuries resulting from motor vehicle crashes. Practitioners may be road supervisors, engineers, planners, local officials, law enforcement officers, or others who deal with transportation issues. This guide may be referenced throughout the process of developing an LRSP to assist local rural road practitioners in improving safety in a comprehensive manner, incorporating engineering, enforcement, education, and emergency services measures—the 4 E’s of safety—into a framework.

TTP Safety Webinar - Recorded Webinar on August 8, 2013

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Tribal Transportation Safety Management System

The Tribal Transportation Safety Management System (SMS) aims to implement effective transportation safety programs to save lives while respecting Native American culture and tradition by fostering communication, coordination, collaboration, and cooperation. For further information on SMS, please see the two documents below or vist:  http://flh.fhwa.dot.gov/programs/irr/safety/.

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Alaska Tribal Transportation Safety Summit Report

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The Alaska Tribal Transportation Safety Summit held December 1, 2010 was an important step toward reducing traffic fatalities and injuries among tribal members.

This document describes the Summit, focusing on the insights gained, lessons learned, and ideas for moving forward.

Alaska Strategic Highway Safety Plan

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Alaska’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) is being updated by Federal, state, local, and tribal safety partners and public citizens in 2011.

The SHSP update process provides stakeholders the opportunity, using a data-driven approach, to evaluate the progress of emphasis areas and strategies identified in the 2007 SHSP.  Based on an analysis of crash, program and other data, in combination with a review of new research, new emphasis areas and strategies may be recommended or existing emphasis areas or strategies may be modified or removed.

For more information visit:  http://dot.alaska.gov/stwdplng/shsp/index.shtml

NCHRP Project 17-­‐49 Guide for Effective Tribal Crash Reporting

NCHRP Project17-49 has been initiated to produce a guide for the development and implementation of effective tribal crash reporting programs to improve tribal transportation safety. Study partners include researchers at the University of Wisconsin- ‐ Madison, College of Menominee Nation, and South Dakota State University, in addition to consulting expertise provided by Chesnik Transportation Group, LLC and Indigenius Communications, LLC.

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