MEDEX Northwest Training Program at UAA


The UAA MEDEX Physician Assistant Training Program is a bachelor's degree program. Up to twenty students may be admitted to the Anchorage (UAA) MEDEX training program annually, in accordance with the joint selection process established in the collaborative agreement between UAA and UW. Applicants are evaluated on their previous clinical experience and their commitment to practice in Alaska, particularly in underserved areas, in addition to their overall academic performance.

Students accepted into the Medex Northwest Anchorage Bachelors Program have the option of getting a bachelors degree through UAA or UW. Students should compare the requirements of each degree and choose the best option. See below for the UAA degree requirements under BSHS Courses and Curriculum and the UW degree requirements.


These courses and experience are required prior to admission in to the MEDEX program:

·   Clinical Experience: 2 Years (4000 hours) minimum


·   10 quarter credits (equal to 6 semester credits) in human Anatomy and Physiology
(preferred with in the last 5 years). Minimum GPA 2.7 (B-) per class.


·   5 quarter credits (equal to 3 semester credits) in other medically related sciences.
Examples include: biology, microbiology, chemistry, etc. Minimum GPA 2.7 (B-) per class.


·   Two college English Courses. Both English courses must be 100 level or higher. At least one of these must be a composition course. Minimum GPA 2.7 (B-) per class.



For more information please refer to the MEDEX website.

Program Progression

Students admitted into the UAA MEDEX program spend their junior year of the PA program at UAA, where they receive intense clinical and didactic instruction. The senior year of the BSHS program is spent in training sites throughout Alaska and the WWAMI region currently utilized by the MEDEX program. The practicum year corresponds to UW's year of field placement and supervision. The clinical year begins in September and ends in early September the following year. The clinical placements call for 35-40 hours a week in supervised clinical training, and 10-20 hours a week in self-study.

At the completion of the PA program, students are eligible to sit for the National Certifying Examination for Physician Assistants. The University of Washington School of Medicine grants a Physician Assistant Certificate upon successful completion of the MEDEX PA program. Upon successful completion of the degree requirements the University of Alaska Anchorage awards a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Sciences.

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