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Test Preparation

Take time to prepare for your placement test.   You’ll be glad you did!   There are plenty of online resources to brush up on your math, reading, and writing skills, so take advantage of the resources listed below.


SkillsTutor online tutorials in developmental-level reading writing math.   Get a free password through your campus test site ACCUPLACER Test Sites or the Academic Advising Center SkillsTutor flyer

A+dvancer College Readiness

Web-based alignment with ACCUPLACER.   Available at Kuskokwim Campus only                                    


Interactive online math tutoring available through Math & Stat Lab  , Developmental Education Math Labs (Gruening & CTC), Student Support Services 


ACCUPLACER Sample Questions 

Tips for taking ACCUPLACER 

Grays Harbor College ACCUPLACER Sample Questions

Study Guide Zone

Test Prep Review       


ACT Practice Test Questions

ACT Preparing for the ACT

ACT Test Tips

ACT Test Descriptions

How to Study

Study Guide Zone

Test Prep Review 



ASSET Student Guide

Study Guide Zone 



COMPASS Sample Questions 

COMPASS Test Taking Tips

COMPASS Calculator Guidelines

Test Prep Review


SAT Practice Questions 

SAT Practice Test

How to Study 

Khan Academy  100+ YouTube videos of encompassing all 8

Official SAT practice tests

Major Tests   

Study Guide Zone 

Study Hall SAT 

Test Prep Review 


CLEP Sampler Zip Drive

CLEP College Composition Study Guide 

Topics Covered by CLEP Calculus 

CLEP Study Tips from Students

CLEP Multiple-Choice Tips 

CLEP Essay Tips 

Study Guide Zone 

Test Prep Review 

Multiple Subjects

Khan Academy 1200 YouTube videos Arithmetic to calculus, chemistry, history, economics, physics

LA Valley College Sample Placement Tests  Elementary Algebra,

                Intermediate Algebra, Pre-Calculus, reading, Writing, Ability-to-Benefit (ABT)

SkillsCenterTM Resource Library 

(via Alaska State Library Live Homework for Math, Science, English, Social Studies


Capital Community College Guide to Grammar and Writing 

Grassroots Writing Better Paragraphs and Essays 

International Student Essay Tips

Purdue Online Writing Lab

University of Wisconsin-Madison Writer’s Handbook 


Brock University Critical Reading Guide

California Polytechnic State University Personal Reading Improvement 

Cuesta College reading Comprehension Academic Support Guide 

Muskingum Unviersity reading Comprehension Learning Strategies Database 

Penn State Learning Reading Comprehension 

Providence College Reading Comprehension Tips

Providence College Speed Reading Tips

Speed Reading Test 

Study Hall Improving Reading Speed 

10 Steps to Improve College Reading Skills


Central Florida Community College Chemistry Rules! 



Ask Dr. Math®

California State University/University of California Diagnostic Tesitng Project  Precalculus and Calculus readiness tests

College Math Resources 

Free Mathematics How-to Library Algebra to calculus  for pre-algebra to calculus basic math to calculus

Math basic math, algebra, math anxiety  Basic math to calculus over 29 million math problems solved   algebra

Math Anxiety

Coping with Math Anxiety 

Help for math Anxiety

Math Anxiety Reduction Checklist Math Anxiety 

MathPower Math Anxiety test 

Texas State University San Marcos Math Anxiety

Western Wyoming Community College Math Anxiety 


Test Anxiety

George Washington University Test Anxiety 

How to Study Test Anxiety 

Study Guides & Strategies Overcoming Test Anxiety 

Test Taking Tips Reducing test Anxiety 

University of Buffalo Test Anxiety

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign test Anxiety

Multiple-Choice Tests

Education Atlas 

How to Study 

Study Guides & Strategies 

Test Taking Tips 

Essay Tests

California Polytechnic State University 

College of Saint Benedict & St. John’s University

English Zone 

George Washington University

How to Study 

Middle Tennessee State University Checklist for Essay Tests 

University   of California Berkeley 

US News & World Report Professor’s Guide