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Mandatory Placement

UAF’s mandatory course placement policy  requires students to have ACT, SAT, ACCUPLACER, or ASSET test scores or course prerequisite before registering for English, reading (Developmental Studies), Math/Statistics, Core Natural Sciences, Core Perspectives on the Human Condition, and Developmental English and Mathematics courses.  Once you have met with your academic advisor and signed your completed registration form, you will be able to schedule these courses IF you have the required placement test scores on file at UAF.  You will not be able to schedule these courses on UAOnline  if you do not have the required test score or course prerequisite.   It may sound like a pain, but this policy was developed to make your experience at UAF a more pleasant and successful one!  

Your academic advisor wants you to succeed and you have a much greater probability of successfully completing Core courses (certificate/associate) or (bachelor’s)  when you score above the required test cut off score.   We don’t want you to waste your hard-earned time and money repeating courses.   Keep in mind that placement tests do not positively or negatively reflect on your intelligence or the quality of your educational background.   Placement tests merely assess your current abilities in math, reading, and writing and correlate those abilities to the corresponding math, reading, and writing levels in UAF’s developmental and Core curriculum.   In other words, UAF wants to make sure we have done everything in our power to set you up for success!   However, attending class, studying hard, reading the texts, and completing assignments is up to you.

Placement Tables effective Fall 2014 (Use these placement tables for any course Fall 2014 and later)

Retests (effective up through Summer Session 2014)

ACCUPLACER Retest Guidelines

Test Results

Test results from ACCUPLACER, ASSET, COMPASS and CLEP are available immediately following the completion of the test.   Allow 24 hours (2 weeks for CLEP) for UAF to enter test scores onto SOATEST (visible on UAOnline). ACT scores are available online 2 – 4 weeks after the test date.   SAT scores are available online one month after test completion.   Allow 6 – 8 weeks for UAF to receive and enter ACT or SAT tests onto SOATEST (visible on UAOnline).

Math/Science Course Sequence

Math Course Sequence

Bachelor of Science 


Probability of Success in Core Courses 

Tests Accepted for Course Placement at UAF


College Board... “Computer-adaptive battery of tests delivered over the internet and designed to provide information about students’ academic skills in English, reading, and mathematics. “


Reading Comprehension (reading placement);

Sentence Skills and WritePlacer (writing sample) (English placement);

PreAlgebra, Elementary Algebra, and College-Level Math (mathematics/statistics placement)

Locations:   ACCUPLACER Test Sites

Academic Advising Center 

Alaska Native & Rural Development 

Bristol Bay Campus 

Center for Distance Education & Independent Learning

Chukchi Campus 

College of Rural & Community Development 

Delta Career Advancement Center 

Eielson Air Force Base

Fort Wainwright 

Interior-Aleutians Campus 

Kuskokwim Campus   

Noorvik Test Center 

Northwest Campus 

Rural Student Services 

Tanana Valley Campus 

Testing Services 

Fee: No Cost for UAF or UAF-intended students

ACT Test/ACT Residual Testing 

ACT...“Assesses high school students’ general educational development and their ability to complete college-level work in English, mathematics, reading, and science.” The Writing test is optional, but should be taken since UAF placement requires a score from a writing sample.   If a student did not take the optional Writing test, he or she will be required to take the ACCUPLACER WritePlacer or UAF Writing Sample (ASSET).   ACT residual testing results are only reported for UAF and cannot be used for any other institution.


English & Writing (English placement)

Math (mathematics/statistics placement)

Reading (reading placement)


Locations: ACT BYU Library Test Site

Testing Services

Fees:   ACT + Writing $47; ACT residual testing $50


ACT...”Paper and pencil basic skills tests in writing, reading, and numerical reasoning, plus more advanced tests in algebra.”


Reading Skills (reading placement)

Writing Skills & UAF Writing Sample (English placement)

Numerical Skills, Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, & College Algebra (mathematics/statistics placement)

Locations:   ASSET Test Sites

Alaska Native & Rural Development 

Bristol Bay Campus 

Chukchi Campus Chukchi Campus 

College of Rural & Community Development 

Interior-Aleutians Campus 

Kuskokwim Campus 

Northwest Campus 

Rural Student Services 

Tanana Valley Campus

Fee: No cost for UAF or UAF-intended students


ACT ...“ computer-adaptive college placement test used to evaluate incoming students’ skill levels in Reading, Writing Skills, Writing Essay, and Math.”


Reading (reading placement)

Writing Skills & e-Write (English placement)

Mathematics – Pre-Algebra, Algebra, College Algebra & Trigonometry (mathematics/statistics placement)

                                Not administered at UAF

Available at UAA’s Matanuska-Susitna College 

Fees: N/A

SAT Reasoning Test 

College Board... “Standardized assessment of the critical reading, mathematical reasoning, and writing skills students have developed over time and that they need to be successful in college.”


Critical Reading (reading placement)

Mathematics (mathematics/statistics placement)

Writing (English placement)

Location: CLEP SAT Test Sites

Eielson Air Force Base 

Testing Services

Fee: $45

Note:   UAF does not provide credit for the SAT Subject Tests.

2009 – 2010 Prerequisites for Courses Requiring Mandatory Placement

If you have transferred in a prerequisite course (outside UA System) or (UA System ) or obtained prerequisite course credit through Advanced Placement (AP) or College Level Examination Program (CLEP) , you may not need to take a placement test.   There is no expiration date for courses taken at UAF or courses or credits transferred to UAF.  

However, even if you have completed the prerequisite course but have not taken a math, reading, or writing course in over two years, or do not use algebra-based mathematics on a regular basis - or if you have not written an academically-oriented paper recently, you should take a placement test to determine if you will need to review your math, reading, or writing skills before taking your remaining Core courses.

Out-of-Area Testing

UAA - ACCUPLACER, ACT (ACT Residual would be for UAA only), SAT, CLEP 

Matanuska-Susitna - COMPASS 


Alaska high schools – ACT, SAT, AP

Out of State - National College Testing Association (NCTA) participants   

If you can’t find a testing location near you, contact the nearest UAF testing site ACCUPLACER Test Sites  or Testing Services at fytesting@ or 907-474-5277 (if out of state), to set up remote testing. ACCUPLACER Remote Testing Form 


Accommodations and alternative format print materials are available for students with a documented disabling condition.  Contact Disability Services at , 907-474-5655, or 907-474-1827 (TTY) if you require any of the following accommodations: 

·          Testing in a quiet, removed setting.

·          Room to get up and move around during testing

·          Testing in a standing position

·          Testing read aloud

·          Testing scribed 

·          Color adjustments to typefaces, foregrounds and backgrounds

·          Adaptive keyboards

·          Paper and Pencil Test

·          Large Print Test

·          Braille Test

·          Test on Audiocassette

·          Screen Reader


UAF complies with Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) guidelines. The information from your test results may be used for advising and placement purposes.   If you have any questions about confidentiality, please contact your academic advisor or your test proctor ACCUPLACER Test Sites .