Tribal Management


The Tribal Management Program aims to provide entry level skills for positions in tribal institutions in rural Alaska.

General Interest Area:

Courses are open to everyone, especially those interested in tribal government, tribal administration, tribal law, program development and community services, such as health services.


High School Background:

High School Diploma or GED


Plan of Study:

Students perform specific tasks, learn basic management rationale and explore issues in tribal government. Each student has an individual education plan (IEP), which is a critical means of tracking progress and a key part of the process of education in a rural-based learning environment. A student career portfolio demonstrates individual accomplishments & the achievement of specific goal-related skills & competencies.

How to get Involved:

Students entering either the A.A.S. degree or certificate program should meet with a faculty advisor to discuss program content, requirements and planning. Contact Kevin Illingsworth at 457-5710 or toll free at 1-866-474 571 0

Career and Graduate Possibilites:

Students who receive their certificate or AAS in Tribal Management may apply for admissions into the Rural Development Bachelor’s program.

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