Sociologists study social life, the relations among people, and the various ways and means by which people come together--the "social" as we call it. The sociological perspective equips students with critical thinking and analytical problem-solving skills necessary for a variety of career paths, and also for living a life of community engagement. We offer a BA, a BS, and a minor.

General Interest Area:

Issues of inequality and social justice are our department's focus. Any aspect of people in their groups are subjects of sociology: popular culture, deviance, education, racism, gender, sexuality, aging, childhood, work & occupations, family, law, global issues, ethnicity, religion, language, class, social movements, and more!

High School Background:

A general high school education is all that is required to begin to study sociology.

Plan of Study:

In the foundation courses, social problems & stratification, you gain familiarity with the discipline, then theory & research methods provide you with the perspectives & techniques needed in specialized area courses. Your program ends with a capstone seminar. Majors take SOC 100X, 21 required credits, and 12 credits from a vast array of elective courses.

How to get Involved:

Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD) is an international sociological honor society that offers qualified students an opportunity to network with other sociology students and faculty both on campus
and around the world. Students are also encouraged to present their original research at regional sociology conferences

Career and Graduate Possibilites:

There are endless possibilities. You will find sociology graduates among politicians, activists, professors, social workers, administrators, teachers, statisticians, military leaders, novelists, ambassadors, PR staff, office managers, counselors, business leaders, artists, religious leaders, coaches, speech writers, criminologists, & in other fields where critical thinking, problemsolving, & research skills are valued.

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