The UAF Department of Music has a curriculum designed to satisfy the cultural and professional objectives of those individuals interested in a musical career. The program offers training for the prospective professional musician or music teacher (grades K-12) while offering participation in various music ensembles developed by the department for students from all academic divisions of the University.

General Interest Area:

The UAF Department of Music offers undergraduate programs of study leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts in Music, Bachelor of Music in Music Education, and Bachelor of Music in Music Performance, as well as the Master of Arts in Music .

High School Background:

Applied music lessons; ensemble participation-vocal and/or instrumental; English; speech; any study in music theory is desirable.

Plan of Study:

Theory, ear training, music history, applied music training (lessons), Functional Piano, Form and Analysis, Counterpoint, Orchestration and Arranging, Conducting, participation in large and small ensembles.

How to get Involved:

Contact the music department, or any of the ensemble directors. Contact information is on our web site.

Career and Graduate Possibilites:

Career possibilities include teaching opportunities in elementary, secondary, and K-12 school programs, as well as professional musicianship as performer, accompanist, or private instructor. The Master of Arts degrees offers opportunities for further advanced degrees and teaching careers at the university/college level .

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