Mining Engineering


Employing the latest computing technology and 3-D visualization techniques, mining engineers design mine systems that include humans, machines, and techniques for safe and efficient extraction of minerals from the earth while safeguarding the environment. They evaluate mineral deposits, develop them into producing mines, and plan and engage in mining operations. The need to develop and produce mineral resources wisely and with a favorable impact on the environment has never been more demanding. It is a high priority for mining engineers to design and develop more efficient, safer and environmentally friendly methods for exploration, construction of mines and production of minerals.

The Mining Engineering program in the Department of Mining & Geological Engineering was one of the first degree programs at the University of Alaska Fairbanks when it was established in 1917. Over the decades, it has provided many quality mining engineers (including CEO's of multi-billion dollar global mining conglomerates) for the mining industry in Alaska and the world.

The mining engineering program emphasizes engineering as it applies to the exploration and development of mineral resources (including reclamation) and upon the economics of the business of mining. The program offers degrees at the baccalaureate and masters levels.

General Interest Area:

Mining engineering is suited for those that have an interest in helping sustain a modern lifestyle and like working with people.

High School Background:

Mathematics (including calculus), physics and chemistry. It is strongly recommended that high school students take AP level courses in these areas.

Plan of Study:

Mining engineering students receive training in the areas of rock mechanics, mine ventilation, environmental reclamation, optimization, economics, surveying, mining methods and computer aided mine design, in addition to basic engineering skills such as thermodynamics and basic electrical engineering.

How to get Involved:

Drop by the department (301 Duckering) and ask for a Mining Engineering faculty member or contact Dr. Rajive Ganguli (907-474-7212).

Career and Graduate Possibilites:

Mining engineering graduates find employment not only in the mining industry but also in civil and petroleum industries. Placement has been at 100% in the past several years, with starting salaries of our undergraduates being in the $50,000 - $80,000 range. Currently, mining engineers are a aging group and their retirement over the next decade is expected to create a major shortage of mining engineers, further boosting employment opportunities. Scholarships for mining engineering students are abundant.

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