Military Science


As a minor at UAF, the military science program is leadership development designed to prepare students and cadets for the roles and responsibilities of a United States Army Officer. Only students disiring to serve as an Army Officer upon graduation are eligible for a Military Science Minor.

General Interest Area:

Leadership skills can be used in any professional field. Although the focus for this minor is on military leadership, the skills learned throughout the ROTC program can carry over to every professional career.

High School Background:

U.S. citizens with a 2.5 GPA and SAT/ACT scores of 920/19, the desire to pursue a 4-year college degree, and serve as a United States Army Officer upon graduation.

Plan of Study:

You chose your Major and Military Science could qualify as your minor. Classes in military doctrine, battle drills, land navigation and map reading, weapons qualification, physical training, tactical and professional leadership are taught within the Military Science Minor.

How to get Involved:

Contact the Military Science Department at (907) 474-7501 or

Career and Graduate Possibilites:

Upon graduation from UAF and ROTC you will receive a Commission as a United States Army Officer. Civilian companies look highly upon officers and recruit them heavily with generous bonuses and salaries upon completing their time in service. The Army also has generous incentives, such as paying for graduate school, for officers who continue their service.

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