Foreign Languages and Literatures


In a shrinking world, Americans increasingly need to communicate directly with other peoples in order to achieve mutual understanding. The language of people embodies their unique culture and their way of thinking and feeling. The study of another language and literature will broaden horizons and open doors of opportunity that a monolingual person would not be able to experience.

General Interest Area:

Fields of study may include international business, history, geography, literature, education, and linguistics.

High School Background:

Communication (English, grammar, and speech), social studies, government, and foreign language.

Plan of Study:

A foreign language major is available with the first language as French, Spanish, German, and Russian. A second language may also be studied. Also available are majors in Russian or Japanese Studies. UAF has study abroad and exchange programs in Russia, France, Germany, Spain, Latin America and elsewhere.

How to get Involved:

Visit the language lab on the 6th floor Gruening to try out some of the language resources; apply for student positions as a language tutor and paper grader; see the department for information on Russian Club, Spanish Club, or Japanese Club happenings; participate in a study abroad program (see the Office of International Programs for more information); stay abreast of world news and events.

Career and Graduate Possibilites:

Some possibilities may include: teaching languages at the elementary, secondary, or college level, interpreter/translator; international business and finance; government employment; anthropology; social services; and tourism industry. The knowledge of one or more foreign languages will be beneficial to anyone who will be working with the public.

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