Computer Engineering


Computer Engineering at UAF encompasses the areas of both hardware and software and anything to do with computers. Computers are everywhere, from the computer on your desk to the embedded computers controlling your car engine, your PDA and your PSP. The computer engineering program focuses on microprocessor systems and instrumentation. Projects range from designing rocket payloads to vehicle guidance systems. Students employ fundamental design principles and techniques, as well as modern Hardware Description Languages.


General Interest Area:

Computer engineers are interested in finding practical applications of scientific principles to a wide variety of human needs, ranging from medical instrumentation to automating the operation of a manufacturing facility. Wireless sensor networks, tiny instrumentation, smaller and faster notebook computers and iPods are just a few of the innovations largely due to computer engineering.

High School Background:

Mathematics (calculus or pre-calculus), physics, computer programming, english, and chemistry are recommended to high school students interested in pursuing studies in computer engineering.

Plan of Study:

Computer engineering students receive training in the areas of electrical engineering, computer science and the computer engineering courses that tie the hardware and software together. One of the strengths of our program is the number of hands-on labs that students get to take. Large schools are not able to offer nearly the number of labs that we do. This is a significant advantage our students have when applying for their first job after graduation.

How to get Involved:

Contact UAF’s Electrical & Computer Engineering Department. Student Organizations provide experiences that augment your typical class load. UAF has student chapters in both Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and Society of Woman Engineers (SWE). UAF's IEEE student branch invites professionals to give presentations and conduct workshops. As an IEEE member, you'll take field trips to see what is going on in the industries that will hire you when you graduate. You'll compete with students from other schools for paper and project contests. The Student Rocket Project is another opportunity for students to gain valuable practical experience working as a team to design, build, and launch a sounding rocket to gather scientific information .

Career and Graduate Possibilites:

Computer engineers are eagerly sought after by industry, government agencies, and educational institutions. Graduates work for high-profile companies like IBM, Microsoft, Schlumberger and Boeing. Employers know that UAF provides students with hands-on experience they want.

You can expect a high degree of job satisfaction as a computer engineer—the future promises opportunities and challenges yet to be explored in this innovative but mature profession. You may end up working on cutting edge consumer electronics, new technologies in communications and control, or a breakthrough in medical instrumentation. The nation’s industrial future is based on the imagination and resourcefulness of engineers. As a computer engineer, you will be a member of a highly respected profession, making lasting contributions to society. Additionally, salaries for computer engineers are among the highest of any Bachelor of Science degree programs.


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