Transition Report Updates

Improving Systems and Services

Administrative Services is continuously evaluating our service systems for ways in which we can streamline processes and become more energy efficient.  The following are a few examples of ways we pursue excellence in customer service:

  • Office of Grants and Contracts Administration has: (1) Established a system of delegation of responsibilities, utilizing a Beta Test group of five departments, after appropriate training of departmental senior financial/executive officers.  This is a precursor to validating the efficacy of moving a method of internal, departmental authorities to deans/directors for restricted awards that have expanded authority. (2) Shifted emphasis from pre-audit process to training, and post audit by launching a 12-month training program (that was already in creation at the time of the Trnasition Team implementation).  We have also created greater opportunity for 1:1 training at departments, and have planned and set in motion remote campus visits and on-site training for their administrative and financail individuals.
  • Facilities Services has: (1) Improved communication by providing central point of contact for customer service - Marianne Freelong, by emailing updates/notices by building, by having quarterly meetings, and through voicemail phone messages. (2) Addressed operational issues and community relations of UAF Parking Services by developing a Parking Advisory Committee which actively seeks input from the UAF and Fairbanks community and works toward improving parking services.
  • UAF Fire Department has worked with TVC's Fire Science program to recruit students for UAF and UFD. 
  • UAF Police Department was asked to conduct testing of four emergency alert components prior to June 2009.  That testing was conducted on April 30th, 2009.
  • Procurement and Contract Services has (1) Encouraged and mandated professional development training for all procurement officers, with an emphasis on federal grants and contracts.  To promote consistency within the department, instituted internal policy memos to clarify and conform departmental procedures. (2) Presented a series of on-campus and rural site procurement training sessions in the last 8 months to address identified areas for improvement.
  • Human Resources has (1) Implemented a supervisory training program in 2008.  Since launching the program, we've offered over 54 classes to more than 2000 total attendees with new class offerings coming in Fall 2009.  (2) Implemented a new student recruitment process in 2008 which allows for pooled recruitments with fewer process steps.  UAF HR continues to review its processes to identify efficiency measures.  Our campus can expect more streamlined HR processes in the near future.
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